Ravindra KRS Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a growing and exciting industry that provides companies an alternative channel of the distribution and sale of products and / or services directly to customers, away from a traditional retail location. The industry allows businesses to connect with customers, clients by phone or through business appointments .This 'connection' to customers is achieved through our professionally trained marketing team. at Ravindra KRS Advertising .., they are there for us to be happy with.

Our company has its growth from a considerable period of time and the business has its existence since 1989. In the years to go by, we have expanded our business clients' data base in a wide range which caters to many reputed banks, companies, government and non government organizations for them to enjoy utmost satisfaction.

As the business in its expansion, to serve our clients with much more efficiency, it allowed sister company to form in known as "KRS Solutions (Pvt1 Ltd" started in the year 2005. This has been a great achievement in our company. In the recent past, our company was able to achieve another milestone in the filed of outdoor advertising. The manufacturing and assembling of tri-vision billboards for the first time in Sri Lanka was achieved by Ravindra KRS Advertising Services (Private) Limited with the technical know how of the most professional manufactures of tri-vision billboards," Space Electronic Science S Technology Company Limited" in Guangzhou/China.

The Chairman/Managing Director, Mr.Ravindra Serasinghe is the founder of Ravindra KRS Advertising Services (Private) Limited who had made much contributions and commitments making it possible for this company to be the most reputed and most professional advertising company in the whole of Sri Lanka having nearly about 225-250 employees worked for.

Our Vision

Ravindra Advertising Services aspires to be a global and regional hub for outdoor advertising solutions.

Our Mission

Ravindra KRS Advertising Services contributes to cater outdoor advertising solutions to clients within Sri-Lanka and Asia through high tech solutions and by being industry expert for the past 34 years.

Chairman'S Massage

Founded the company on 1989 January, with limited resources and Icah,litres• Therefore the company named as RAVINDRA KRS ADVERTISING SERVICES at the beginning and has changed the name into RAVINDRA KRS ADVERTISING SERVICES (PVT) LTD• as is should have a value For the name to provide services with liabilities, and in business For the past 28 years with an excellence- We stand today by being a GIANT in OUTDOOR ADVERTISING and serve in large scale For a higher weight of clientele

We are first to introduce the true value of In Outdoor and the best provider of the EILISOARD market• We Stand on a UNBEATABLE stage and we, RAVINDRA KRS ADVERTISING SERVICES (PVT) LTD was the first to own the higher lengthen Billboards and the Higher scaled Billboard in Sri Lanka.

We serve our services to various clientele to keep connect with us For their needs and we hold the large quantity of clientele to provide our services- In recent the company holds staff of 300 numbers along with the sister companies MRS SOLUTIONS), and we look Forward to increase the service and contract staff For a higher and the best output in near Future

I am, personally provide my heart full of thanks to the entire working staff For being with me and helping throughout the hard works to make this company towards a success

Kisthsiri Ravindra Serasinghe
Chairman /Managing Director